Turin, Italy. October 2015. Famed Italian racecar manufacturer Osella currently offers the following car models: FA30 Evo V8 3000, PA 2000 and PA21 Evo Cn2.

All of these have given plenty of thrills and accolades to European factory and private drivers alike. In the past few years we have seen a rise in popularity of prototype class E2B/M, designed for cars fitted with motorcycle engines of either 1000cc or 1600cc, as it offers a competitive horsepower-to-weight ratio.

Class E2B has been historically dominated by British car manufacturers and only recently it has started to capture the interest of Italian tuners.

And today Osella will join this field with the PA21 JrB. Since last month Osella has updated his Facebook page with news about this race car and was surprised by the level of interest for this innovative category. Enzo Osella wants to push the boundaries of this class and is determined to offer right from the start a competitive product at a competitive price: 52,000 Euro (VAT not included).

At Osella we know how well this car is built and are confident that the special offer for the first models is well worth the price tag. This price does not include the exhaust, wiring, ECU and engine, to allow drivers to choose freely which engine to go for, or even use one that they already own.

Everything else, including dashboard, switches, fire extinguisher system, battery, emergency battery switch and even the steering wheel paddle shift are included. The chassis derives from the ultra safe and ultra tested PA21 family; at the rear it has been modified and developed to fit the lighter and smaller PU.

It blends perfectly with the body and the carefully designed mono wing aero kit working seamlessly with the diffuser. Track and wheelbase are brand new to specs. Shocks by Ohlins while wheels are OZ 13”, with 8” at the front and 10” at the rear. Avon tires.

The first PA21JrB powered by a BMW 1000 is being tested through December. You can start reserving your PA21JrB now. The first 8 cars will be delivered by May 2016.

For more details please contact osellaengineering@gmail.com or by tel. (+39) 011.9130431.