Italian Hill Climb Championship in full swing with the second test in Sarnano, many Osella featured in various classes

21 August 2017. The beautiful Sarnano (MC), though wounded by the recent earthquake, welcomed in the best possible way the thick Italian Hill Climb Championship's Caravan, reserving a Saturday characterized by miserable weather, rain, fog and hail on top. Saturday, useful in testing trim and rain tyres, successful thing to Christian Merli, with the Osella Team Blue City 3000 V8 MAKES 30 Fortech Motorsport, finally glad new Avon rain.

Positive debut wet as well for the new Team Osella PA21 JrB Puglia led by Ivan Panes that are immediately at ease with the rain and the "osellina" 1000 with which reaches even the sixth overall in the second climb.


The challenging path from Sarnano door atop Sassotetto, almost nine kilometres with steep, challenging but also fast corners, hairpins and stretch is dealt with as a single match. Sunday morning the weather turns for the better, cooler and overcast and then offer the Sun at the end of the race, but in any race event to deal with dry conditions and then with trim to guess for everyone.

Among the sports top starting are the 1000, for the first time, we have four Osella PA21 JrB 1000 Bmw at the start, the faster you once again Ivan Panes (Team Italy) who, despite his drive for the first time on dry asphalt gets a great time trial that is the victory of the E2 trophy ProtoBike G-1000 SC but also Energy up to 1600 and ninth overall.


The second step of the podium for Alcidi with PA21 JrB of Bellboys Motorsport. Between the CN 2000 with Osella PA21 Evo Honda usually duel Ligato Lombardi, with the first front and rear car slightly damaged. Lombardi Great time of Domenico Cubeda with Osella PA2000 Evo Honda, class winner and fifth overall behind the 3000. Mahoney won the seat in front of 3000 class Scola and Bellhops, all on Osella FA30 V8, but it has to settle for second place overall disturbed by electrical problems.

Looking forward to the next European mountain Championship appointment with the Italian in Verzegnis (UD) on 28 May.

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