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The range currently being manufactured is starting from the last born, the “small” PA21 JrB from the E2B class, that can be equipped with motorcycling propellers from 1000 to 1600 cc., with a set-up both for hill climbing and track. We then arrive to the multi-titled Pa21 Evo CN2 motorized with the Honda 2 liters, a car at the Top of the class for years both in the track and hill climbing versions thanks to the continuous updates. Still among the 2 liters, but with free engine, we have the surprising PA 2000 (E2B)motorized with the maximum evolution of the 2000cc. 4 cylinders Honda Barchetta which has a very sophisticated aerodynamics and can count on a very reduced weight allowing it to compete with the most powerful 3000 cc.

For those still not being pleased enough, are available Pa30 and FA30, respectively two-seater and single-seater of the 3000 class. According to the availability of the propeller from the client, it is possible to set it up with the V8 Zytek or in the Evo version with the V8 RPE.

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