Christian dominates Round 6 Cup Championship in Ascoli – Teodori Italian Mountain Speed

Christian Merli victory in 58 ª Edition of 6° Italian Championship Paolino Teodori, of the mountain.

Behind Simone Faggioli. The seventh race of the season in trentino WINS wins all seven appearances. Five in the European mountain Championship and two in tricolor. The rider of Team Blue City Motorsports has fielded in Ascoli to deal with his Osella FA30 official Edition 58 Zytek LRM Pauline Teodori Cup. The ascent of the Marche was valid as 6° Italian Championship of the mountain, where the Bishop of Vimotorsport Stable had dominated in the last two editions. It was a Jolt in the Italian Championship of the mountain, where, to date had been on the podium five different winners in the first five rounds disputed. No one had pocketed two WINS in a row.

Christian, the seventh seal

"Everything's fine and it was a good race. We made changes to every climb ahead of home race. A victory for this difficult and with a peculiar taste. I had a perfect car all weekend. Then I realized that today I had to defend myself and I did it. In race 2 I tried to lower the time, because Simon was ready to attack. He approached it and it will be very difficult to aim for victory in Vason. We try and as always will give the maximum ".

7 out of 7

After five wins in the European Championship of France, Portugal, Spain, Austria, and Czech Republic, where among other things has won four new world records, has been seen, according to the rules, forced to scrap a result in the first round. Then she defected Glasbach in Germany to return to Italy. And vince both Morano is at Ascoli. And Sunday, there's the Trento-Bondone.

The evidence

In the first official reconnaissance, Mahoney is in front of everyone at 2 ' 08 ' 74 with his FA 30 Zytek LRM official. Follow Simone Faggioli, behind the wheel of the Norma M20 FC, 7 "34, while cow is third with Osella PA 2000. In the afternoon, under the hot sun, Christian is on top in 2 ' 09 "32 followed by 8 to 3 to 36 and cow's milk" kidney beans "07. But they are always testing and someone raises his foot before the finish line.

Race 1

Christian Merli dashes to the arrival after 14. The standard 2 ' 07 88 "dominates in trentino for an instant from his record. Follows him Fade to 1 ' 56 with Zardo, behind the wheel of the Norma M20 FC, at 7 ' 09.

Race 2

Everything is better with the victory of Christian. Fade is stuck at 0 ' 28, while Zaid is third at 5 ' 26.

The podium of race 1

1° Blackbirds (Osella FA 30 Zytek LRM), 2° Faggioli (Norma M20 FC) at 1 ' 56, 3° Zardo (Norma M20 FC) at 7 ' 09.

The podium of race 2

1° Blackbirds (Osella FA 30 Zytek LRM), 2° Faggioli (Norma M20 FC) at 0 ' 28, 3° Zardo (Norma M20 FC) at 5 ' 26.

The podium for the sum of the times

1° Blackbirds (Osella FA 30 Zytek LRM), 2° Faggioli (Norma M20 FC) to 1 ' 84, 3° Zardo (Norma M20 FC) to 12 "35.

For more information, call: Christian Merli Tel. 348/4724465
By James Frassoni tel. 0461/512133 – 335/6228821

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