With the promising young Italian Hill Climb Championship debut Sicilian Samuel Cargo the Osella JrB 1000 Suzuki

In this season we can assist in 2019 CIVM in several new developments of the Osella PA21 JrB. At first we saw the updated version of 1000 Bmw Luzzi by John Larner, with engine free curated by LRM, we reviewed the free version Denny Molinaro 1600 with Suzuki engine this time curated by Gas39 engineer who from Verzegnis will pass in hands of Ettore Bassi svezzerà the last 1000 engine frame while Molinaro Bmw always entrusted to Gas39.

Always a great debut for the young kagney Luigi Luzzi Fam immediately at ease with the JrB 1600 engine Suzuki of Gas39 and managed by Paco74. Arouses much curiosity the first 1000 Osella PA21 JrB not Bmw, is Samuel Caril who broke the German front to test the new engine Suzuki 1000 that has impressed on two wheels past the threshold of 200 Hp.

Japanese engine installation, supplied and prepared by the dealership of Ragusa Tummino motorcycle, on light frame 15 of 1000 has directly involved the factory Osella, whereas now the spatial management is in the hands of Paco74 and Avon, the development of engine and electronics entrusted to RgCarTronick.

Servirà qualche gara di rodaggio ma anche questa strada darà soddisfazioni al pilota che con la sua monoposto aveva sempre lottato per il successo. Sempre più completa quindi la gamma delle JrB con propulsori di moto, oltre alle iniziali Bmw 1000 cominciano ad essere numerose le installazioni con i 1400 ed i 1600 Suzuki che daranno vita alla sfida dell’assoluta “moto” nel CIVM sfruttando il giusto rapposto peso/potenza a seconda del tipo di percorso da arontare

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