La tempesta spezza le classifiche in Bondone – 7° Round del Campionato Europeo della Montagna

"Thundered that it rained." Phrase attributed to Socrates to allude to the occurrence of an event awaited for a long time. Already, the storm provided from Meteo Trentino for Sunday in Vason arrived with a punctuality Switzerland. At 16, when they were already hopped on dry to Vason all cars up to the GT and E2 SC, all hell broke loose. Thunder, lightning, hail, and wind. Race suspended and exhibited in starting the sign "Wet Race", wet race.
The competitors of sports cars stacked return to the pits to replace the tires slick with rain. It resumed at 17.20. She broke loose unleashed mid-afternoon has completely distorted the outcome of the race, divided into two sections. Curious, with the winner's podium Fade up with rain tires, while the other two great protagonists of the race, Dondi and Ghezzi, could make the climb in the dry.
Christian Merli is seventh, but in the last kilometers his Osella FA 30 Zytek LRM has turned down three times. In the two big European split times were on par. Christian had hazarded the choice of intermediate covers and the outcome was possible. Stops a few metres after the finish. However the driver of Fiavè, while furious, is first in Group E2 SS and pocketing full points for the European Championship.

The 69th Edition of Trento-Bondone

He disputed the Trento-Bondone, time trial applies both as 7th meeting of European mountain Championship for both the Italian Speed Championship in the mountains, the continental Championship validity TIVM and vintage cars. Christian Mahony addressed the home race at the wheel of the Osella FA30 LRM Zytek. The only Manches of competition is taken at 10.

From Montevideo in Vason

1350 metres altitude are 17.300 kilometers, where they face 42 turns and over 180 turns. Unique competition throughout Europe that puts a strain on both the means both the pilot's physical. A time trial, where you need very careful handling tires, engine and brakes. Ten, fifteen minutes of maximum concentration.

The interview with Mahoney

"The expectations were those of a good race. In the dry I would have made a lot of effort, but with the situation that has arisen in damp things were different. I chose intermediates and in the first part I struggled, while in the final could accelerate out of turns and accumulate speed and precious tenths as I was dry. I think it was not so for Fade, who opted for rain tires. We had the same intermediates up to few kilometers from Vason. Unfortunately I had a technical problem. He lowered the oil pressure and, when it drops below a certain level, there are sensors that do switch the engine off to avoid further damage. Indeed he is off three times and I lost about 30 ". Sorry, a trivial issue. A two-day race very stressful. Have 310 runners surely is not easy for the clerk of the course. Long shot, but maybe the race would leave earlier for the success of the event. The Bondone is really particular, while around the Cem 5/7 tracks tackle kilometers. I agree with Simon when he said that this should be run by itself, because it is unique in the world ".

The 2019 by Christian, racing for Team Blue City Motorsport

Seven wins in seven races. Five in Cem and two in Civm. In Europe rises on the top step of the podium in France, Austria, Portugal, Spain and in the Czech Republic. Competitions where printed four new records. In Italy WINS in Morano with records and last Sunday at Ascoli in the Coppa Teodori

The calendar of the CEM

14/4 Col Saint Pierre (France) Victor Mahoney, 28/4 Rechbergrennen (Austria) winner battlements, 12/5 Ramp Internacional da Falperra– Portugal winner battlements, 19/5 Subida al Fito (Spain) winner battlements, 2/6 Ecce Homo (Czech Republic) winner battlements, 16/6 2018 Glasbachrennen(Germany) winner Lampert, Trento-Bondone 7/7 (Italy) winner Faggioli, 21/7Dobsinsky Kopec(Slovakia), 28/7Limanowa (Poland), 18/8 Course de Côte de Saint Ursanne(Switzerland), 1/9 Bistrica (Slovenia), 15/9 Buzetski Dani(Croatia).
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